Things we need at the centre

We regularly need the following items at the centre. You can drop off any of the items in the box outside the centre. You can also help us by posting us these items, or by buying them for delivery to:

New Start Cat Rescue
The log cabins
Ross Road (A40)

Adult wet food (any brand)

Kitten food (felix)

Kitten wet/dry food (any brand)

Felix cat foods

Adult cat food (any brand)

Frontline for cats box

Frontline spot on

Black Bin bag

Large, strong bin bags (50L)

Puppy training pads

Babycat milk

Royal Canin Babycat Milk

Towels (incl. washed old towels)

Disposable blue gloves

Disposable gloves

Wood pellet cat litter

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control food

Dry sensitive care cat food

Pro-kolin probiotic paste

Bamboo baby wipes

Baby wipes

X large dog crate

Colloidial silver

Effipro for cats