Volunteer at NSCR

There are lots of ways to get involved; fostering, cleaning, homing, home checking, fundraising, PR… Our volunteer coordinator will get back to you to find out how you’d like to get involved.

Volunteering is very rewarding. Seeing a cat or kitten go to a new home, where you know there will be love, is a great feeling. Whether you’ve been on the homing team, cleaning team or another volunteering team, you know you’ve been part of changing the world for that cat and that family.

Many of our volunteers have made great friends through working together.

Contact Number: 07510 134 805

If you would like to volunteer

Ginger Cat

Some of the many ways you could help New Start Cat Rescue…

Fundraising at fairs

We hold regular jumble sales and cake sales to raise money for the charity. We also have a charity shop staffed by volunteers in Newent. Get in touch if you would like to help us raise much needed funds.

volunteer painting
On-Site & CSR

If you are looking to fulfill your company's CSR, we can provide a variety of tasks on our Huntley site, from physical tasks such as painting, to cat care, and even helping with the website or record keeping!

Volunteer holding cat
Cat Care

At our site in Huntley, we need people every morning and evening to clean out the cats. You get to pet them too! We have D of E Award volunteers as well as young volunteers who come along with a parent.

NSCR Newent Charity Shop
Charity Shop

We run a charity shop in Newent. Pop in and ask about volunteering with us. We sell lots of goods such as plants, clothing, cat themed items, as well as things for cats, such as catnip cushions.


We need people to take cats into their homes to either familiarise an adult cat with a home environment, provide a safe place for a cat to raise kittens, or give a long-term home to a cat with extra care needs.

Organising raffle prizes
From Home

Many volunteers make things at home to sell for NSCR, including our famous catnip mice and jars of home made jams and chutneys. You can also join our online and social media team!