Black cat, white spot on chest. Has one eye. Remaining eye is somewhat cloudy. Tongue is cheekily sticking out.

Noddy’s Information

Domestic Short Hair
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Seeking quieter home
Can Live With Other Cats
Would Not Get on Well with Dogs
Would Prefer Not to Live with Children

Thank you for reading about me. If you are interested in adopting me please contact the lovely people at New Start Cat Rescue.

Contact Number: 07598 752 992

A Little Bit About Me…

Noddy is an amazing ex-street cat from Romania. He is missing one eye and has limited sight in the other. His background as a street cat and his poor vision means that he can be a little defensive. However, once he gets to know you he relaxes around you. Loud noises especially scare him and he will run and hide.

Noddy is an energetic cat. Once he’s mapped out the house in his mind,  and runs around the house with the zoomies like any playful cat. He also loves to play. He will play with for hours with anything that makes a noise and even plays fetch with a jingly ball.

Noddy has to be a house cat because it’s dangerous for him to be around roads – an unusual sound will have him running in a random direction in panic. Unless someone lives in a quiet area away from a road as he does seem to want to go outside.
He does play rough but that’s just his boisterous personality. Noddy is a typical cat who loves a fuss, but when he’s had enough you will be told so. He does however want to be around people. He follows you around by your ankles and if you are performing household tasks he will sit close happy to just know you are there.