Long haired white cat with black spot on back
Mostly white cat with brown markings on head/ears

Leah and Leroy’s Information

Domestic Short Hair and Long Hair
Age: About 8 years (Leah) & 4 years (Leroy)
Sex: Male and Female
Pair seeking home together
Can live with other cats
Seeking a home without dogs
Can live with older children

Thank you for reading about us. If you are interested in adopting us please contact the lovely people at New Start Cat Rescue.

A Little Bit About Us…

Leah really likes getting head pets from humans she has learnt to trust. She can be a little shy initially with strangers, so would suit owners who will give her time to settle in. Although she has a thyroid issue, this is managed with medication. Leroy is also initially shy but once he knows you rewards you with many head bumps. Leroy will let you pick him up after he’s used to you. Leroy and Leah really like each other’s company so we are looking for a home for them together. They can live with older, teenage children and are seeking a home without dogs. They could live with other cats.

They are currently in foster care. If you would like them to join your family, please give us a call.