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​​Author Stephen Leather

Stephen Leather, Sunday Times bestselling author of more than forty novels.

Stephen says "I have 3 cats of my own and they were all street cats that I invited into my home, so I appreciate what New Start does as a charity. They never put a healthy cat down and over the years have homed thousands. I am pleased to be part of such an amazing group"
​​Author Christina Jones

Christina has written over twenty wonderful feel good books and I always look forward to reading them.She lives just over the border in Oxfordshire and is well aware of cat rescue centres as she has 17 rescue cats of her own, in fact, her cats often feature in her books.

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New Start Cat Rescue is always in need of funds to pay for veterinary operations for the cats, pay our bills and provide supplies such as food and litter to the centre in Huntley and our network of foster carers.

Why not join the 100 club : Join the 100 club, a lottery we run each month. It costs £1 to enter with a top prize of £20 and second prize of £5. Use the contact us page here to let us know you'd like to join.

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Amazon Wish List
Amazon Wish List

We operate an amazon wish list with all sorts of useful things you can buy for us.
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Consider becoming a foster carer with New Start!

We are building a network of fosters in Gloucestershire to help us look after pregnant cats and their kittens and adult cats who need some time to adjust to a home environment before they can be rehomed.

The whole family can get involved in care for the cats and kittens, and fosterers get all the benefits of cat companionship without the long term commitment or cost. 

If you can help with this please contact us on: 07510 134805

Roles include:

Foster carers - looking after cats in your own homes and helping them to find a new home
Foster scheme coordinators - providing administrative support to carers in their area, helping them to place their pets in new homes

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