Hello! I'm Moo


  1. Bengal
  2. Male
  3. 8 years
  4. Only cat; no children
Thank you for reading about me. If you are interested in adopting us please contact the lovely people at New Start
Contact number: 07598 752 992
About Me
Moo needs a very special home, ideally an experienced owner of bengals who currently has no other pets. He would also really love a home in a rural area where he could be free to roam. He is likely to bring you 'presents'. 
He is a very loving boy but can be a little unpredictable. However if he finds the right home, this could solve itself. For this reason, Moo would be better in an adult only/ sensible teenage children household. Moo is a very sociable lad who loves to be around people so maybe someone who is at home for a lot of the time would suit him best. Moo is very intelligent and requires a lot of interaction. He loves to groom his humans and give nose kisses. If he can not find you he likes to call for you with his very distinctive meow. He is the most lovable boy and just wants someone who can offer him as much love as he has to give them. Please consider all these points before offering him a home.