Hello! I'm Monty

Monty's information

  1. Domestic Short Hair
  2. Male
  3. 4-5 years
  4. Likes playing with other cats
Thank you for reading about me. If you are interested in adopting us please contact the lovely people at New Start!
Contact number: 07598 752 992
About Me
He looks like a big serious boy but he loves to play with toys and other cats. He is really loving and he will come on your lap for a cuddle. He loves fuss so he will be there first thing in the morning for some love. He likes his food and he would love to be able to go outside again to explore the outdoors. 
He is around 4-5 years old but he has the soul of a kitten. He is adventurous and very playful but also loving and cuddly. He has been through a lot while in foster with New Start Cat Rescue, 2 eye operations, flew allergy and bronchitis. But he is all better now and very ready for his forever home. Please don't disregard Monty for being a black cat, as he is the most gorgeous boy ever.