Hello! I'm Linden

Linden's information

  1. Domestic Short Hair
  2. Female
  3. 2-3 years
  4. Can live with calm dogs and cats
Thank you for reading about me. If you are interested in adopting us please contact the lovely people at New Start!
Contact number: 07598752992
About Me
I'm embarrassed to admit that this is now the (previously) anorexic and semi-feral cat I took on foster in May. She was in the vets for a few days on a nasal tube she was so poorly. She has been making up for lost time. Now very much reintegrated into home life, she is ruling the roost - kittens and adult cats alike scatter when she is in a mood (=hungry or frequently just generally grumpy). No bowl is ever left dirty (she licks them all clean), no food ever goes off or out of date (she's eaten or stolen it all). So may I now re-introduce - Her Royal Roundness, Linden aka Queen Fatpants.
Linden is fostered near Leominster and is fully vaccinated, neutered and treated against fleas/worms. She is fine with other cats (on her terms, obviously) and is used to a large, elderly German Shepherd dog who she seems quite fond of. Linden is not suitable for a home with children, they terrify her. She is now comfortable with fuss and affection (again, on her terms) but doesn't appreciate being manhandled. She will need to be an indoor cat for sometime and is used to her home comforts!