Hello! I'm Chas


  1. Domestic Short Hair
  2. Male
  3. 8 years
  4. Only pet; no children
Thank you for reading about me. If you are interested in adopting me please contact the lovely people at New Start
Contact number: 07598 752 992
About Me
We are searching for a very special home for a very special lad. This is Chas and he is 8. Chas needs someone who is going to be able to spend some time working with him to help him to bond with you. Once he has bonded he is the most loyal cat ever and wants you to be his best friend forever. He needs someone who will understand that he has been through a lot and that this has taken a toll on him.
Chas has a tendency to meow a lot at night for the first few weeks whilst he bonds with his owners and therefore we are looking for someone who can deal with his nightly musical or has a secure outhouse that he could spend night-time’s in. Once he is bonded with his new owners his nightly meowing will stop. His current fosterer thinks he would make an amazing pub cat as he could spend his time charming all the customers and his after hours concerts could be not heard from the pub. He would like a house where there is some freedom for him to roam, once he has established where his new home is. 
Chas suffers with a mild case of arthritis in his lower back. However he knows his limits and will not jump onto things when in pain. At the moment he is not in any pain but would need to see the vet if it did flare up. Chas is neutered, fully vaccinated, flea’d and wormed. He needs to be the only pet so no cats or dogs. He also needs a more sensible home so no children.