Do Something Fantastic - Adopt a Cat or Kitten
Viewings are available on Saturday afternoons at the Huntley centre (by prior appointment, call 07598 752992), or sometimes at foster homes.  You can also contact us on Facebook. A home check is needed to adopt a cat.

The kitten line for cats under 6 months old is: 07925816612. We only adopt out kittens under 6 months old in pairs to people who work full time.
We ask for a donation of £25 for a cat, £35 for a kitten, plus cost of vaccinations to us (£15 for one, £30 for two). Microchip is £10 at the centre.

We aim to get back to people who call the adoption lines within 4 days.

​​Need to buy things to set up for a new cat?
​We sell cat starter kits of a cat carrier, cat bed, litter tray and scoop, new start shopping bag, catnip toy and a blanket for £30.

Working cats

Kittens (waiting list)


Beauty (female, adult)

Chilli (f, 10 mths, pair)

Pepper  (f, 10 mths, pair)

Bob (male, 2 years)

Lola (female, 5 years)

Toby (male, adult)

Rosie (female, 4 years)

Willow (female, 5 years)

Sheba (female, 5 years)

Ninja (male, 6 years)

Indie (female, 6 years)

Jack (male, 4 years)


Prince (male, 1 year)

Tatty (f, <1 year, pair)

Costa (f, <1 year, pair)


Duchess (f, 1 year, pair)

Lucky (f, 1 year, pair)

Blodwen (female, 2 years)

Nutmeg (f, young adult)

Poppet (female, 3 years)

Henry (male, 4 years)

Chico (male, 2 years)

Sindoor (male, adult)

Tom (male, adult)


Peep (female, 12 years)

Nina (female, ~ 3 yrs, pair)

Nora (female, ~ 3 yrs, pair)




Fluffy (female, 7 years)

Luna (female, 1 year)

Toby 2 (male, 6 years)


Boris (male, 3-4, indoor)